Volume 5 Issue 1
November 2010

The Delaware office remains a NOAA centric office focused on Operations and Maintenance contracts for NOAA PORTS and other real-time data collection initiatives.  Woods Hole Group has been involved in NOAA PORTS since the mid-90s and the Delaware office was established in 2003 when Woods Hole Group won the Delaware River and Bay PORTS O&M contract. Presently the office has expanded to include five (5) staff members based in Dover, DE and an additional technician in Gloucester, VA.

The Delaware office directly services three PORTS systems under contract by Woods Hole Group, including the Delaware River and Bay PORTS, Chesapeake Bay PORTS and New York/New Jersey Harbor PORTS.  In addition to performing the routine service for these three systems, the Delaware office provides support for two other PORTS contracts outside the Mid-Atlantic region; including Narragansett Bay, RI and Lake Charles, LA. 

Woods Hole Group has performed a variety of services over multiple years, including equipment installation, operation, and maintenance. Ensuring continous flow of data every 6 months, for subsequent NOAA quality review and internet broadcast, requires a commitment to regular field service. Timely reporting also is essential to document servie activities and equipment condition. Annual Inspections also are required. Woods Hole Group recently completed inspections for the 15 stations in Delaware and New York in August, and all required documentation was submitted to NOAA.

In the last year, the Delaware office has focused on establishing the ability to perform geodetic leveling surveys required by NOAA during Annual Inspections of water level stations. Two of the Delaware technicians attended a NGS training course last March in Corbin, VA.  Since that time Woods Hole Group has invested in a new leveling gun (a Leica DNA03) to meet new requirements by NOAA and purchase or upgrade other essential leveling equipment.  Technicians will continue to work with NOAA CO-OPS personnel in further developing our abilities with geodetic leveling task allow Woods Hole Group to expand this type of business.

Woods Hole Group Leveling at Brandywine Shoal Light Water Level Station.

The effort to diversify and expand the role of the Delaware office has started to show positive results in recent months.  The Delaware office is currently supporting the Rehoboth Outfall Project in Rehoboth, DE assisting in the deployments and recoveries of current meters systems and CTD profiles that will continue over the next year.

Additional new projects include the James River Project and Kinder Morgan Wind System.  We have been working with OceanTechUSA, assisting in the shop testing and installation of temporary water level stations for the Army Corps of Engineers along the James River in Virginia. The initial sets of installations are approaching recovery and will be deployed at new locations along the James River.  Woods Hole Group expects this work will continue throughout the next year at three month intervals.

In addition, the Delaware office is in final stages of acceptance and approval for the installation of a real-time wind monitoring system for the Kinder Morgan Fairless Hills Terminal to meet Pennsylvania air quality permit requirements related to activities at the terminal.  The system has been designed and the final details are being specified at this time.  We will install the wind system this fall.

Submitted By:

Clinton Hare, Ph.D.
Business Operations Manager/Oceanographer


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