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Maritime Surveillance

Safe and efficient shipping and fleet management depends on real-time data, visible both at sea and from landside maritime centers. Security agencies, such as the Coast Guard, and commercial maritime companies all benefit from improved domain awareness.

Woods Hole Group with CLS offer standard products, satellite data telemetry, and user-customized software displays to meet evolving market needs.


40 Years of Experience

Created in 1978 by the French Space Agency (CNES), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Argos satellite system is currently exclusively provided by CLS.

Argos enables users around the world to collect location data to protect and study their environment in several types of applications.

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Up to 400 satellites


30 million positions processed each year

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+120 in-house experts of maritime domain

Our Maritime Surveillance Solutions

Maritime Domain Awareness

Maritime Compliance

Maritime Fleet Management

RPAS Solutions

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Maritime operations require accurate and updated information to facilitate safe and efficient shipping, oil spill clean-up, recovery of lost assets, and rescue of endangered persons.

Woods Hole Group and CLS offer customized data collection and telemetry, computer simulations, and software.

Maritime Awareness System (MAS)

Detect & monitor maritime threats.

MAS provides real-time and historical insights to maritime authorities, coast guards, customs, intelligence agencies and navies worldwide for area monitoring and vessel behavioral analysis.

Oil Spill Monitoring

Pollution detection & Response.

Woods Hole Group helps detecting oil spills for operational response and support for recovery.

Search & Rescue

With Themis SAR, support Search & Rescue Operations at Sea.

LRIT solutions

LRIT Solutions

Woods Hole Group parent CLS is the backbone for long range identification and tracking (LRIT) programs worldwide.

SSAS Solutions

To further protect your fleet, discover our turnkey SSAS management solution for world operations and get a full system package to face increasing insecurity at sea.

SSAS solutions
maritime area monitoring

Maritime Fleet Management

Discover Themis Fleet tracking, our web-based solution to track your assets anywhere at any time, with added-value web services for enhanced vessel performance and efficiency.

Aside satellite airtime, CLS provides a range of easy-to-use and maintainable beacons to complete your tracking solutions.

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RPAS tactically complement satellite situation awareness, positioning CLS at the pinnacle of real-time, exhaustive maritime surveillance to combat daily threats at sea.

An end-to-end service

From the GCS to the deployment of the RPAS, CLS provides an end-to-end service.

We operate the RPAS of your choice to better answer your needs.

A unique live platform for all your RPAS

CLS’ Remote Mission Portal is a unique web platform to access to real-time missions’ video streams of your drone operations.

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