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Woods Hole Group’s Solutions Are Getting a Boost

Congratulations to our Space IoT partner Kinéis and their launcher Rocket Lab for their successful launch! Today, the first five of a planned constellation of 25 nanosatellites are in orbit, carrying new generation IoT payloads for Argos Services and will soon begin...
Charles River 2070

Coastal Flood Risk Modeling

Our award-winning, physics-based, probabilistic approach to modeling flood risk allows for coastal communities to not only be informed, but take the right actions.

LiDAR Buoy Deploy

Real-Time Floating LiDAR Metocean Buoy System

Combining the DeepCLiDAR 2.0 buoy with our satellite data, artificial intelligence and high-resolution atmospheric modeling capabilities, allows the CLS Group to provide a fully integrated solution for offshore wind resource assessment. This winning combination of technologies is essential to derisking investments, and to better predict the final price of electricity for the markets.

NEMO beacon

Small-Scale Fisheries Vessel Monitoring System

Our solutions for state and regional fisheries programs provide cost-effective and highly efficient monitoring options for fisheries managers, while also offering safety and convenience to fishermen.

metop Argos satellite

Satellite Data Telemetry for Ocean and Wildlife Monitoring

Since the 1970’s we have pushed innovation, utilizing our Argos and Iridium satellite systems, through our manufacturing and science partners who have helped shape the way we understand climate change, oceanography, and wildlife migration patterns.

ocean forecasting

Ocean Forecasting Using Airborne Drifters and Data Assimilation Models

The EddyWatch service is a unique oceanographic and environmental monitoring and forecasting service that creates actionable information through the collection, analysis, and interpretation of oceanographic data.

Sea level rise

Massachusetts Coast Flood Risk Model (MC-FRM)

The Massachusetts Coast Flood Risk Model (MC-FRM) is a more accurate representation of flooding risk and sea level rising.