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Satellite Telemetry Solutions

The Woods Hole Group is the unique Argos satellite system operator in North America.

We manage all sectors of satellite communication including oceanography, wildlife tracking, soil and moisture monitoring, herd and livestock management, etc.

Whether the need is for primarily data communication and tracking or a standalone back-up beacon, the Argos satellite system is the solution. 


40 Years of Experience

The Argos system was created in 1978 by the French Space Agency (CNES), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), originally as a scientific tool for collecting and relaying meteorological and oceanographic data around the world.

Over the last 40+ years Argos has grown significantly both in terms of its capabilities (today we monitor the locations and data stream for over 8,000 animals globally) and its scope (we’re now working to develop the last communication tools for new applications like smart agriculture).


1,000+ individual programs


100+ Goniometers sold or leased


2g satellite tags used for birds

To each their own beacon

Argos is the only satellite constellation with tags so small that they can be used on birds weighing as little as 67g and tags even small enough to track neonate sea turtles. Argos is also the only system that has a library of open-source transmitter boards (and soon we will be adding open-source tags).

Argos is used on all animals from those that swim, walk or fly. In addition, you can find Argos on oceanographic instrumentation like gliders, AUVs, floats, and similar. You can find Argos tags tracking herds of animals including livestock as well as transmitting statistical information from LoRa base stations.

If there is a need for communication, there is high probably that Argos is the solution.

Wildlife Tracking

Operational Oceanography: Positions & Collections

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Herd & Livestock Management

marine animals

Wildlife Tracking

Woods Hole Group is the North American Argos connectivity provider for scientists, resource managers, and environmental professionals.

Discover our solutions

As a unique satellite system dedicated to environmental applications, Argos enables remote tracking for a wide range of species – including birds, terrestrial and marine animals.

Birds Tracking

The Argos data collected via the 3,000 birds tracked each month combined with other solutions available at CLS provide key information that enable scientists to study their behavior in the face of climate change and in turn, lead to effective conservation methods being put in place.

Animals Tracking

The reality is that the numbers of many species is decreasing at an alarming rate and the number of marine families listed as endagered, such as whales, dolphins, manatees and sea turtles, are on the rise.

Animals Tracking

Scientists and biologists use the Argos system to understand the distribution of animals in a given territory in order to protect them more efficiently.

Fish Tracking

Using the Argos satellite system to track fish and study their migrations and distribution areas has proven crucial for the implementation of effective conservation methods, to define protected areas or even to establish periods of catch.

Platform Finder

Concerned there is a problem with your tagged bird? Get alerted to any changes or use the CLS platform finder to find your active tags.

operational oceanography

Operational Oceanography: Positioning & Collections Solutions

Ocean and environmental science rely more than ever on satellite systems as a conduit for collecting data recorded from sensors.

New generations of instruments that produce complex and voluminous data often require an interactive (two-way) link to support mission goals.

Woods Hole Group provides researchers and technologists with proven solutions to obtain these data. For large-sized systems and data-intensive applications, Woods Hole Group offers Iridium services.

As the exclusive Argos service provider, as well as a hardware provider for North America and the Caribbean, we offer global connectivity for low-power/high-autonomy instruments and redundant (back-up) tracking.

Discover our solutions

As a unique satellite system dedicated to environmental applications, Argos enables remote tracking for a wide range of species – including birds, terrestrial and marine animals.




Soil Moisture Monitoring

Soil health is the foundation of productive farming and knowing when and how often nutrients need to be added is essential.

Woods Hole Group multi-source solutions enable you to measure soil potential, monitor changes in real-time and forecast production.


Herd & Livestock Management

Argos solution provided by WHG combines satellite tracking, Earth observation and other space systems to support herding, species re-introduction and species protection in remote areas.

Argos Products

Whether its collecting data, locating instruments at sea or mapping surface currents. Argos has the solution.

A wide range of transmitters


A ready to use
range of hardwares

A Platform

Data Processing




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