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Environment & Climate Consulting Solutions

From the open ocean to coastal, wetland and terrestrial environments, Woods Hole Group provides innovative solutions by leveraging applied science and forward-thinking engineering with advanced field measurement and satellite remote sensing capabilities.


Innovative and Science-Based Solutions

We apply cutting-edge approaches and interdisciplinary collaboration to monitor the​ environment, anticipate or respond to challenges, and guide our clients in the planning​ and implementation of strategic actions in a world where the only constant is change.​

Woods Hole Group’s team of consulting scientists, engineers, and permitting specialists will chart a course to success for your project, turning environmental challenge and uncertainty into opportunity.


Miles of Shoreline studied with Coastal Modeling


Environmental Permits Secured to Date


Communities​ Climate Change​ Vulnerability​ Assessments Completed


Years Experience Building Living Shorelines

Our Solutions

We offer our clients solutions that are based on an understanding and knowledge of the conditions affecting the environment.

These solutions consider the uncertainty of what the future climate holds, possible adaptation pathways, and work with nature to be sustainable and promote resilient habitats.

Our Environment Consulting staff is comprised of scientists, planners, and engineers that work seamlessly to cover the full lifecycle of a project offering solutions in the following areas:

Natural & Nature-Based Shorelines

Modeling of Coastal Systems
& Water Resources

Climate Change Assessments

Resiliency Design
& Planning Services

Ecological Risk
& Restoration

nature based shorelines

Natural & Nature-Based Shorelines

Protecting shorelines and upland development from coastal hazards has been our core business for over 35 years.

Our solutions consider integration with the natural environment so that both the storm damage reduction and ecological functions are restored.

Our staff has been assessing the performance of such projects across the U.S. and is knowledgeable of the state of the practice to offer the best solution for a particular environment.

modeling of coastal systems

Modeling of
Coastal Systems
& Water Resources

Woods Hole Group specializes in the modeling of aquatic systems and has extensive experience in applying various modeling tools to simulate locales and environmental conditions across the world.

Woods Hole Group takes pride in selecting the right modeling tool that is state-of-the-science and is most applicable to the project.

physics based climate change assessments

Physics Based Climate Change Assessments

Our staff developed a proven way to model and map present and future flood risk which is a key differentiator for our clients.

We apply a dynamic, physics-driven modeling approach and utilize a probabilistic framework to develop flood risk data in coastal areas, and estuarine waterways. The probabilistic data is the foundation for assessing coastal flood risk and designing climate-resilient projects.

The data developed provides invaluable information for existing infrastructure, natural resources, proposed development, and future policies within coastal communities.

Our award-winning approach and past work have demonstrated this is extremely valuable for risk assessments and prioritization of mitigation actions.

resiliency design and planning services

Resiliency Design & Planning Services

Woods Hole Group bases our resilience planning & engineering design on developing a solid understanding of site-specific coastal processes.

As such, planning & design extends beyond just calculations and drawings - designs are geared to work effectively with the environment, to identify the most feasible solution, while extending the system service life.

All stages of alternative assessment, design, permitting, and planning coastal development rely on years of expert experience from a group of personnel who have made understanding oceans, coasts, harbors, and estuaries their focus.

Additionally, our scientists have the professional training and skills needed to evaluate the physical and biological resources in varied marine environments. This expertise provides added value to the engineering design process and ensures that the solution is environmentally sensitive while attaining the desired goals.

ecological risk and restoration solutions

Ecological Risk & Restoration Solutions

Ecological sciences are central to the work performed at Woods Hole Group and our dedicated staff applies ecological principles to risk assessments, sustainability planning, and wetland evaluation.

Our staff adds value to projects in the coastal zone, such as dredging, site development, waterfront design, climate assessments that involve ecological risk and regulatory review.

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