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About us

Woods Hole Group solves environmental engineering problems worldwide with a focus on serving clients along the coast, in the ocean, and in wetland and terrestrial environments.

Relying on service, excellence and leadership, Woods Hole Group employs experienced engineers, scientists, and technicians.


Who are we?

Woods Hole Group brings over 35 years of experience, committed to exceeding client objectives while safeguarding the environmental health of our planet.

We believe environmental leadership is defined by creativity and vision. Human and economic development are not separated, and can be achieved in harmony with a sustainable planet.

We are solving today’s problems with a view to future needs and impacts at local, regional, national and international levels. The global environment affects us all; how we leave it will be our most important legacy.

We have local, national, and international experience, and are part of the global CLS Group.

Our Solutions

Environment & Climate

Sustainable Fisheries Management

Energy & Infrastructure

Maritime Surveillance

environment and climate

Environment & Climate

A large focus of our work is characterizing the environment, the natural processes at work, and impacts made by non-natural interventions.

We develop and apply tools to our coastal engineering, shore protection, dredging, permitting, and computer modeling projects to assess these processes and how they may evolve, so that we can better inform our clients on the solutions needed to create a sustainable environment that is resilient in an everchanging climate.

We share in the vision of a sustainable planet for our future, and this commitment, and passion can be seen in our work.

sustainable fisheries management

Sustainable Fisheries Management

The Global Leader in Sustainable Fisheries Management - Woods Hole Group provides comprehensive Fisheries Data Management solutions specifically tailored for commercial fishing, small-scale/charter fishing and regulatory agencies.

With over 35 years of experience, we combine global marine expertise and technical solutions to provide high quality real-time data for sustainable marine resource management.

Unleash the Power of Big Fish Data - Tracking and Monitoring, Catch and Data Management, Fisheries Intelligence Solutions, Vessel Management Systems (VMS).

energies and infrastructures monitoring

Energy & Infrastructure

Our integrated metocean solutions deliver data from your remote site to your desktop for your offshore and port/harbor operations and developments.

Woods Hole Group has the unique blend of multidisciplinary expertise required to support offshore operations and developments. In more than 30 years of business, the company has innovated in-house solutions, and transitioned latest technologies from leading manufacturers and research institutions, to solve real-world problems for the public and the private sector.

From the project planning and permitting phases, through construction, and into operational monitoring, forecasting, and compliance activities, Woods Hole Group provides actionable metocean intelligence on a worldwide basis to support a broad range of customers.

Proven Locally. Applied Globally.

maritime security

Maritime Surveillance

Pollution by hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide or sulfur, trafficking in illegal immigrants, drugs, precious woods, terrorism, piracy or even robbery, illegal acts on our seas and oceans are daily.

The purpose of maritime security missions carried out by national and supranational authorities is to understand, prevent when possible and manage in an understandable way all events and actions that take place in the maritime domain and which could have an impact on: security and the safety of property and persons, law enforcement at sea, defence, border control, protection of the marine environment, fisheries control and the economic interests of states.

Partner of the largest agencies in charge of maritime safety, CLS is an internationally recognized player. CLS makes no less than 300 satellites available to authorities around the world to monitor and ensure the safety of activities at sea.

By combining satellite imagery, ship identification data (satellite and terrestrial AIS), satellite RF detections, commercial database and new information technologies (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence), CLS offers the most advanced systems in the world. , offering a near real-time capacity for coverage and surveillance of maritime spaces.

CLS Group with you Worldwide

CLS employs 900 people at our headquarters in Toulouse, France, and in 30 locations around the world.

CLS Group worldwide presence

CLS, a Commited Company

  • The UN has set 17 goals to save our planet.
  • CLS contributes to 13 of them.
  • We are proud that 90% of our activities are directly linked to achieving these sustainable development goals.
UN Sustainable Development Goals