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Sustainable Fisheries Management

With over 35 years of consulting experience, Woods Hole Group combines global marine expertise and technical solutions to provide high quality real-time data for sustainable fisheries resource management.



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Our Solutions
for Sustainable Fisheries Management

Woods Hole Group equips fishermen and authorities with integrated satellite technology for tracking & monitoring, catch & data management, and ocean intelligence solutions.

Woods Hole Group provides state of the art cellular and satellite solutions to promote sustainable fishing practices to promote sustainable fishing practices to regulators and private fleets alike.

Tracking and Monitoring

Catch Data and Quota Management

Fisheries Monitoring

Ocean Intelligence

Dedicated Customer Service and Vessel Documents

Discover our Fisheries Solutions

Woods Hole Group provides tracking and monitoring, catch data and quota management, safety and ocean intelligence solutions to fishermen across North America.

Track and Monitor your Fisheries Fleet

Our VMS offer a range of value-added services for fishermen in one integrated system, so you can focus on your business.

Monitor and Control Fisheries Activities

THEMIS platform aggregates the most complete range of fisheries data and integrates multiple sources of marine data (radar, AIS, VMS, catch reports, oceanography, etc).

Track Catch Data and Quota Management

​We provide electronic forms (e-forms, e-VTRs) for private fleet operations, as well as for Federal & State regulatory catch reporting from the fleet.

Protect Small Scale Fisheries

Together, let's work to protect your traditional fishing industry and marine resources for the future.

Optimize Fleet Management and Fisheries Monitoring

DOLFIN service dives deep into 20 years of ocean and fisheries data to provide unprecedented insights for optimizing fleet management and fisheries monitoring.

Fight IUU Fishing

Woods Hole Group has solution to fight IUU fishing and ensure compliance with international fisheries regulations.

We provide a complete range of monitoring, control, and surveillance solutions.

Discover our Products

Hardware and software solutions to improve sustainable fisheries management.

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