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Woods Hole Group has the unique blend of multidisciplinary expertise required to support offshore and coastal operations and infrastructure developments.


5 to 5,000

meters of water depth equipment deployment range


ocean drifters deployed over 38 years


years of metocean measurement & consulting solutions


ports systems actively being maintained and monitored by Woods Hole Group

Our Solutions for
Energy & Infrastructure

In more than 30 years of business, the company has innovated in-house solutions, and transitioned latest technologies from leading manufacturers and research institutions, to solve real-world problems for the public and the private sector.

From the project planning and permitting phases, through construction, and into production, operation and compliance, Woods Hole Group provides actionable meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) intelligence on a worldwide basis to support a broad range of customers.

Meteocean Consultancy Services

Metocean Measurement Services

Operational Metocean Forecast Services

Meteocean Monitoring Systems

Asset Tracking and Emergency Response Services

meteocean consultancy

Metocean Consultancy Services

Woods Hole Groups metocean consultancy team conducts desk studies to characterize and quantify metocean conditions at specific client locations. We combine measured and modelled data sets with scientific knowledge and detailed statistical and extreme value analysis to derive design and operating criteria.

Our reports and data provide engineers with the basis for design of offshore or coastal infrastructure and the planning of safe and efficient offshore or coastal operations.


Metocean Measurement Services

Woods Hole Group undertakes metocean measurement programs on behalf of our clients to characterize the conditions at specific locations. We have experience operating internationally in coastal and offshore environments with water depths from 5m to 5,000m.

We combine our large inventory of metocean equipment with, detailed mooring design and over 30 years of experience in measurement  services to collect high quality data with exceptional data return.

Woods Hole Group typically provides measurements of waves, currents, seawater properties, wind and other meteorological parameters and can also cover environmental measurements. Programs can range from one month to multi-year in duration.

offshore platform

Operational Metocean
Forecasting Services

Woods Hole Group customers of offshore operations depend on accurate ocean forecasts.

To pinpoint where and when a 4-knot current may impact a deepwater facility or optimize cross-continent ocean voyages, we deploy ocean drifters from planes, track them with satellites, survey directly from vessels in the field, and refine forecasts using data-assimilating numerical models.

Our expert meteorologists and oceanographers distill the complex data, and serve essential information directly to customers 24/7 via interactive metocean mapping graphical user interface.

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Detailed ocean forecast, nowcast and advisory services for the Gulf of Mexico and Northern South America.


Our RouteWatch® service support ocean transportation and ocean transits by providing current and weather data to help optimize the route in terms of safety and efficiency services.


Our SurveyWatch® service is designed to provide support for offshore seismic and geophysical survey operations, providing detailed current information to help minimize the impact of currents on the data collection.

Forecast Services

We provide digital ocean forecast services anywhere in the world based on our WHG-TOPS global ocean forecast model, satellite data and any proprietary data that our clients may have.  This includes our MoDUWatchSM service.


Our EddyWatch® service can also be supplemented through the provision of highly detailed site-specific  data from FAST EddySM real-time vessel mounted current profiling survey capability that is used to support current sensitive offshore operations for our clients.


All data from our ocean forecasting services are provided on our Metocean MapperSM, near real-time GIS-based data portal that provides a one-stop platform for Clients to access and review ocean and weather data as it affects their operations.

meteocean monitoring systems

Monitoring Systems

Woods Hole Group provides real-time metocean monitoring systems to Clients in need of real-time data to support of specific offshore or coastal operations.

These can range from shore- and buoy-based systems to support coastal navigation and port/harbor activities to platform- and buoy-based systems to support a broad range of offshore operations. Our systems focus on the monitoring of physical meteorological and oceanographic parameters such as winds, waves, currents, water levels and other atmospheric and ocean parameters.

We can also integrated the measurement and monitoring of environmental parameters into our systems. Real-time data can be transmitted using satellite, GSM andradio dara transmission.

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Buoy-Based Metocean Monitoring Systems

Buoy-based metocean monitoring systems such as the WatchDog 100 and 1000 systems designed for coastal and offshore waters.

Coastal Ports and Harbors Metocean Monitoring Systems

Coastal Ports and Harbors metocean monitoring systems designed, built and operated to demanding NOAA PORTS® standards.

Bespoke Metocean Monitoring Systems

Let us know of your metocean and marine environmental monitoring needs and we will work with you to design a bespoke real-time monitoring system suitable for your operational site or infrastructure.

Emergency Response Beacon

Asset Tracking and Emergency Response Services

We provide Asset Tracking and Emergency Response Beacons to support fleet management and offshore emergency operations.

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To learn more these specific solutions, please contact our team below.

Asset Tracking Beacons

Our Asset Tracking Beacons are used to monitor vessel locations for fleet management and to support vessel routing services.

Emergency Response Beacons

Our Emergency Response Beacons are provided to support a range of offshore emergency situations including man overboard, oil spill, cargo loss, etc.

Metocean MapperSM

All data from our Asset Tracking and Emergency Response Beacons provided on our Metocean MapperSM, near real-time GIS-based data portal that provides a one-stop platform for clients to access and review ocean and weather data as it affects their operations.


We are very pleased to have developed a great working relationship with Woods Hole Group over these past two contracts. It is refreshing to find a consultant that is so easy to work with, and can effectively manage our interests with the best interest of the science.

From a representative of a leading offshore wind development company in USA

This company adjusted to the pandemic with operational excellence. No stations were left unattended, even when travel restrictions were at their worst. Exceptional work.

From a NOAA representative on CPARS

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