Energies & Infrastructures

Woods Hole Group provides metocean services on a worldwide basis to support a broad range of customers in the energy industry, including:

  • Offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production
  • Renewable energy developments, including offshore wind, hydrokinetic, wave, tidal
    and ocean thermal energy conversion projects
  • Coastal infrastructure (ports, harbors, terminals, refineries, etc)
  • Other marine infrastructure including pipeline and cable routes

Customers depend on our services to ensure safe operations, and to develop design criteria for lasting infrastructure. We answer questions, such as “What is the current speed and direction near the seafloor in 2,000 m right now?” and “What is the wave, wind, and current forecast next week that might affect my ability to install an offshore platform or transit the ocean?” We offer expert statistical analysis of extreme and operational conditions, providing the design basis for engineers to use and identifying the best months or likely downtime associated with working at a particular location. 

In the coastal zone, we provide models and measurements for project planning and design, as well as to support Environmental Impact Statements (EIS). For NOAA and other port, harbor, and shipping customers, we provided real-time data products and model forecasts to facilitate safe navigation. We answer questions such as “Is the water depth suitable now for me to enter port in my deep draft vessel?” or “Is there adequate air gap for my vessel’s superstructure to pass under that bridge?” With this information, safety is improved, and economic gains are made by limiting offshore lightering and downtime.

We provide well-known forecast products, such as EddyWatch, and proven real-time data through our WatchDog buoy-based monitoring systems.  We are trusted by the world’s leading energy producers, and all facets of government including for NOAA’s Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS).

Our Ph.D. and M.S. level ocean engineers and oceanographers undertake measurements, monitoring, numerical modeling and analysis of metocean data to characterize marine environments, forecast metocean conditions, and provide added value data products that meet our Client needs.

The Woods Hole Group Energy and Mines Business Unit provides metocean services in the following key areas:

These personnel also interact seamlessly with our Environmental and Fisheries Business Units for multidisciplinary client support.

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Integrated Offshore Solutions

Ingrated MetOcean Solutions for Offshore Operations.

2013 Interview with Bruce Magnell

Interview with Bruce Magnell

Chaos Is The Rule At Depth

The ocean is 330 million cubic miles of water covering some 71 percent of the planet. This water is never at rest. Wind moves the waves, and beneath the surface, discrete masses of water move at different speeds and depths. There are turbidity currents, which cause landslides underwater. Blizzard-like benthic storms at the seafloor. Deep-sea tides. Undersea cataracts that carry more water than any river in the world. Powerful eddies spawned by grand current systems. Moving at 4 knots, such a ring of swirling water can violently shake an oil-drilling platform. It could capsize. The drill pipe could snap.