Project Experience

Woods Hole Group has completed over 2,000 projects to the satisfaction of our customers in more than 25 years of doing business. Listed below are a handful of projects that span a range of services Woods Hole Group provides. Click on a project for a brief description of the services. Many more project descriptions are available upon request.

Coastal Sciences, Engineering, and Planning Projects

  • TO-0010-
    New Bedford Harbor Superfund Site Environmental Monitoring,
    Sampling, and Analysis

  • 14-051 Modeling the Effects of Sea Level Rise On Coastal Wetlands for MA CZM

  • 13-127 Technical Evaluation of Preliminary 2013 FEMA FIRMs
    for the Town of Marshfield, Massachusetts

  • 13-005 Pilot Project for Climate Change and Extreme Weather Vulnerability

  • 12-147 Sediment Transport Modeling for Wind Farm Offshore Virginia (VOWTAP)

  • 12-040 North Perry Marina Impacts North Perry, Ohio

  • 12-108 Climate Change Preparedness and Engineering Adaptations

  • 10-085 Bio-engineered Coastal Bank Stabilization

  • 10-083 New Jersey Regional Sediment Management: System Optimization Plan

  • 10-082 Ecological Restoration Master Contract Coastal Resource
    Assessment, Modeling, Engineering, and Design

  • 09-054 Coastal Engineering Services, Palm Beach

  • 08-159 Flood Insurance Study Appeal for Cameron Parish

  • 07-081 Herring River Estuary Restoration Project

  • 07-076 USACE Task Order Contract New England District

  • 07-070 Regional Dredging and Beach Nourishment Planning, Design, Permitting and Oversight