Oceanography & Measurement Systems

The Oceanography & Measurement Systems team focuses on measuring and understanding physical processes in the world’s marine resources for hands-on, practical applications. In ports and harbors, Woods Hole Group provides precise measurements of water level, current speed, and the air gap between the water surface and overhead bridge infrastructure to ensure safe navigation and improve maritime commerce. For offshore oil and gas exploration and production clients, Woods Hole Group provides real-time deep water current data to guide effective and safe drilling operations, and then utilizes the data to develop defensible engineering parameters for the design of offshore facilities.

What distinguishes Woods Hole Group is the quality and experience of the staff, and the emphasis on quality, safety, and customer service. The Oceanography & Measurement Systems team includes a diverse staff of reliable field engineers and technicians with worldwide experience, as well as world-class applied oceanographers and ocean engineers with practical industrial experience. Clients rely on the team to provide turnkey services from integration and deployment of measurement systems, to data recovery and quality control, and through analysis and engineering/operational guidance. The team operates according to approved HSE protocols and quality standards, and emphasizes customer communications and responsiveness.

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