Sediment Evaluation & Management

The AES Team performs comprehensive sediment assessments that identify the extent of contaminated sediments, the potential for physical, chemical, and biological mobility, and the associated ecological risks based upon the degree of contamination. Contaminated sediments and local faunal tissue samples undergo rigorous laboratory analyses, and results are then used in conjunction with computer models to identify transport pathways, potential remediation alternatives, and proper disposal or confinement.The AES Team collaborates with Coastal Sciences, Engineering & Planning Team to provide diverse expertise in managing contaminated sediments in marine and freshwater environments ensuring that sediment issues are well understood so as to minimize complications to coastal and marine engineering projects, such as urban dredging and site remediation.

  • Sediment/tissue chemistry & quality assurance
  • Contaminant nature & extent delineations
  • Transport & fate modeling
  • Forensic analysis & fingerprinting
  • Remediation alternatives analyses
  • Dredged material disposal management and planning

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