Welcome to the new Woods Hole Group!  Innovated. For the next generation of sustainable solutions.

We joined CLS (Collection and Location by Satellite) in 2017, and as of January 1, 2018 Woods Hole Group merged with two companies formerly known as CLS America and Horizon Marine. Together, we are nearly 100 people strong in the USA, and more than 700 worldwide, serving a range of customers in the government, energy, industry, and private sectors. We are organized into three Business Units:

Each Business Unit has several teams, and we encourage you to explore our expanded suite of services on our website.  Customers loyal to the “old” Woods Hole Group will find our familiar Ecological, Coastal, and Oceanographic services are stronger than ever. We are leading the way with climate change modeling and planning, ecological sustainability, and real-time reporting systems bringing data from remote locations to the customer’s desktop.

Our new colleagues from the former CLS America bring unique satellite technologies and products for wildlife tracking and fishing vessel monitoring systems (VMS). Since 1986, CLS America has been the sole source of Argos Satellite services in North America. We are currently monitoring the movement patterns from approximately 8,000 thousand animals including birds, fish and marine mammals every day, along with providing data communications and compliance reporting for more than 1,500 fishing vessels.

The former Horizon Marine personnel offer market-leading operational oceanographic forecast services, with FAST Eddy, EddyWatch services trusted in the marketplace for more than 30 years. With drifting buoys, global ocean forecast model, remote sensing data, and vessel-based survey data; we are the world-leader in proven ocean current forecasts for offshore energy, shipping, and survey customers.

As a merged entity, Woods Hole Group brings over 30 years of experience, committed to exceeding client objectives while safeguarding the environmental health of our planet. We believe environmental leadership is defined by creativity and vision – human and economic development can be done in harmony with a sustainable planet. We are solving today’s problems while incorporating forward-thinking for tangible success at local, regional, national and international levels. The global environment affects us all; how we leave it will be our most important legacy.