The global environment affects us all; how we leave it will be our most important legacy. We are clearly aware when it has been threatened by large industrial accidents. But environmental damage is also the result of the cumulative effects of a series of smaller events. Chip away at a foundation, and it will eventually collapse. What is destroyed may never return.

The business of resource exploration and exploitation will not and should not cease. There will always be commercial and residential expansion into areas that affect the environment. Accurate information and careful analysis of options are crucial for making the right decisions to protect our environment and investments.

As a company, we believe that environmental leadership is defined by creativity and vision. Only far-sighted, interdisciplinary analysis and planning present any prospect for real success – at any level, whether local, regional, national, or international. To protect the legacy of all humankind, it must be understood more widely that good economic policy and good environmental policy go hand-in-hand.

Plotting such a course, in partnership with either public or private concerns, requires teams of specialists who can work well and supportively with their counterparts – whether from other companies, agencies, or nations. That is what Woods Hole Group offers. That is why Woods Hole Group was founded.

Our work is a collection of science disciplines, not a single science