Wetland Characterization & Design

Wetland scientists on the AES Team, provide a range of expertise to our clients seeking to delineate a wetland, understand the health and quality of a wetland, improve, restore, or protect an existing wetland, and adapt a wetland to changes in sea level, nutrient inputs and other potential stressors. Having a multi-disciplinary foundation in functional wetland ecology, combined with geotechnical and engineering expertise, allows our team to provide a comprehensive package of wetland capabilities. Certified field teams have designed and implemented programs to specifically assess the status of wetlands. Our team also has experience working with Conservation Commissions and permitting wetland projects. Geographic information system (GIS) expertise allows our scientists to understand the spatial interrelationships of wetlands with stressors and emerging land uses or vulnerabilities.

  • Freshwater and coastal wetland delineation
  • Functional assessment
  • Habitat characterization
  • Restoration design and implementation
  • Navigating the Conservation Commission process
  • Wetlands permitting
  • Develop projections of wetland change due to sea level rise and climate change

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