Sustainability Assessment & Strategic Planning

Woods Hole Groupís sustainability practice focuses on:

  • Developing greenhouse gas (GHG) impact assessments for State and Federal Level Environmental Impact Statements
  • Helping organizations develop custom sustainability programs
  • Applying climate vulnerability models to simulate present and future risk
  • Providing strategic management approaches to adapt to and minimize climate change vulnerabilities
  • Preparing impact analyses to understand the true influence of sustainability practices.
Our ecologists bring a unique expertise to this capability by translating physical modeling outputs to ecological vulnerabilities, and emphasizing the value of ecological tools for adaptation. Working with partners, ecoservice identification and tracking can be integrated into sustainability plans. The team is innovative and creative, and provides personalized attention necessary to customize an assessment and plan to a clientís specific needs.

  • Carbon footprint calculations and reporting
  • Sustainability plan development and management
  • Climate vulnerability modeling (storm surge)
  • Adaptation planning
  • Impact analysis
  • Ecoservice tracking and assessment

The Environment Has No Borders