Causal Analysis & Stressor Identification

The AES Team includes experts in the application of the causal analysis framework. As a logical, scientifically rigorous, transparent/defensible and accepted approach to identifying the cause(s) of an observed stress, the causal analysis framework is a powerful problem-solving tool. Whether determining which sources and conditions are driving a waterbody to eutrophic conditions, identifying whether a perceived reduction in wildlife is real, or determining what is causing trees to die, the framework provides an efficient and flexible approach to answering these questions. The analyses have been applied in litigation cases, to better understand multiple stressors acting at a site of an ecological risk assessment, and to develop approaches for managing regional stressors such as nutrients. Specific capabilities include:

  • Customized causal framework development
  • Evidence compilation and scoring
  • Method and conclusion communication to diverse audiences
  • Stressor management
  • Field program design to support analysis

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