Coastal Sciences, Engineering and Planning

Woods Hole Group has developed an international reputation for providing high-quality, comprehensive hydraulic and coastal engineering services for 25 years to a diversified clientele ranging in size from large utilities to private individuals. Woods Hole Group focuses on meeting client requirements by quantifying the dominant coastal processes, and using this knowledge to find the most environmentally-sensitive solutions to shore protection, water quality, beach maintenance, structural design, and storm damage repair issues.

Our scientists and engineers accomplish this through field data collection and numerical modeling of coastal processes active in a project area, and then designing and implementing solutions that complement the natural processes when possible. WHG has in-house staff and analysis tools to provide a full range of coastal engineering and geological services, including the abilities to assess processes, analyze forces, and determine design parameters.

Woods Hole Group’s approach integrates numerical modeling and sound engineering judgment to ensure project designs are optimally tailored to clients’ needs. This approach often involves field data collection, including measurement of waves, tides, currents, bathymetry salinity, and other phenomena. The ability to monitor and model processes gives Woods Hole Group unparalleled capabilities for planning and designing coastal erosion mitigation projects. Woods Hole Group has proven its ability to complete projects independently, or as a member of an integrated team, on schedule and budget.


2013 Interview with Kirk Bosma

Interview with Kirk Bosma

Beaches Move. All the Time. You Can Count On It.