Coastal Measurements & Sediments

The Coastal Measurements and Sediments Team specializes in the collection of physical, geological, chemical, and biogeochemical data from the field. These data are used to support our clients, and the needs of other Woods Hole Group Teams, with quality information that serves are the foundation of many analyses, permit applications, and projects - from hydrodynamic model calibration and remote environmental monitoring, to sediment sampling and benthic resource mapping. We use an applied science and engineering approach that pulls technical aspects from the latest research; although we perform many routine data collection efforts, our expertise allow for innovative approaches to more complex, niche project requirements. Our Team is made up of people with two diverse specializations: instrumentation applications and sediment characterization; together these skillsets create an all-encompassing data collection group of services, which can be utilized independently or culminate in a sediment transport study.


  • Deployment/recovery of oceanographic mooring systems, instrumentation, and data processing
  • Use of ADCPs for temporal (moorings, bottom mounts) and spatial (vessel surveys) current (and wave) studies
  • Tide, water level, and water quality monitoring with use of autonomous sensors and loggers instrumentation
  • Real-time monitoring of water quality parameters using remote telemetry systems on fixed structures and buoys
  • Management of operations and logistics for oceanographic and geologic sampling programs
  • Geophysical survey data acquisition, processing, and interpretation (bathymetric, side-scan, sub-bottom)
  • Sediment core/grab collection and characterization using various methodologies and standards
  • Environmental sample collection, laboratory submittal, and management of sediments and water
  • Geochronological analysis of sediment cores using radioisotopes and contaminant histories
  • Sediment budget analysis
  • RTK GPS surveying of topography and bathymetry
2013 Interview with Kirk Bosma

Interview with Kirk Bosma

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