Applied Ecology & Sustainability

Ecological sciences are central to the work performed at Woods Hole Group and the Applied Ecology & Sustainability (AES) Team applies ecological principles to ecological risk and vulnerability assessment, sustainability planning, and wetland assessment. The Team adds value to projects in the coastal zone, such as beach nourishment, seawall design, climate vulnerability assessment and dredging, that require environmental assessments and permitting. The team focuses on:

  • Designing and completing comprehensive, aquatic and terrestrial ecological risk assessments
  • Evaluating ecological implications and vulnerabilities of changes in sea level
  • Assessing the carbon footprint of an operation and providing management strategies to meet sustainability goals
  • Identifying and managing a stressor using the causal analysis framework
  • Determining the functional quality of a wetland
  • Developing restoration alternatives or preparing a major Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a new development

Achieving responsible, reasonable, creative, scientifically sound and efficient environmental solutions for its clients is Woods Hole Group's focus. Clients include government institutions (local municipalities, large city governments, US Federal Government, United Nations and World Bank, and foreign governments), as well as, power utilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, oil and gas explorers and producers, and private property and business owners.

Expertise in field program design and data collection, monitoring, geographic information systems (GIS), computer modeling, remediation planning and oversight, and strategic program management services allows Woods Hole Group to customize solutions to the client's needs, ensuring cost-effective, on-time projects that responsibly meet prevailing environmental regulations and policy.